Have you Counted the Cost?

So God has been taking me through a cleansing process lately involving letting go of my will and embracing His. “But what if it’s not exactly what I wanted to do?” I ask “My plans are to better your future.” He answers. Of course He didn’t answer me word for word in that way, but … Continue reading

For I Know

After going to book club last night, a thought really stuck with me, ‘God wants me, and desires to romance me.’ Holding onto this fact I decided to take the LORD out on a date. Sitting there in the restaurant I felt awkward at first, but then realized that the more I dwelt on Who … Continue reading

The Secret Place

The Secret place with God should be our number one priority, but why is it that as human beings we tend to stall, or stay away from that place with the Lord? Speaking of personal experience, I know it is hard to be vulnerable with someone who knows everything about you. Being close to someone … Continue reading

We Are A Family

We Are A Family We are the family of God, imperfect in everything we do, not at all deserving of the grace of our Father in Heaven. We all have flaws, we’ve all been hurt, bruised, beaten up some how either by events or by people. We need to make a choice as God’s people … Continue reading

Can We Trust Him?

I can almost hear the quote from the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe ringing in my ears in regards to the great Lion Aslan, ‘Course he’s not safe, but you can trust Him.’

Forever Loved

Love. As women it is what our craves, it’s what it yearns for. We go everywhere and look to anyone to give us that love; whether it be through a compromising relationship, or through filling ourselves with things that fill that craving, that yearning inside of us; we all do it. But what if I … Continue reading

What Kind of Flower Are You?

What kind of Flower are You? The LORD brought this issue to my attention the other day while I was walking. It didn’t occur to me at first as to why He said the word, ‘Sunflower’ to me, but as my friend ended up talking to me later on, I realized something, a sunflower follows … Continue reading

Jesus Is MY Strength

Even though the enemy is yelling loud,I will stand in my God firm and proud.He may say that I will loose,but I stand firm on the promises,I choose to look upon His faceI choose to accept His mercy, believe His grace.I want to be encased in His friendship, for protection,I want to be bare before … Continue reading

Our Relationship with God

Ever since I laid down a picture of myself before the Lord of me in my childhood, my Walk with Him has been different. 😀 It is still a challenge to push my flesh to spend time with Him but when I am in His embrace I realize that going through all of the trouble … Continue reading

No Longer Fatherless…

An ache within my heart longing to tare me apart do I dare listen to this ache its certainly more than I can take Should I give in to this sadness should I better understand this maddness or should I give it to the One who gladly shares pain we go through Even though abandoned … Continue reading