We Are A Family


We Are A Family
We are the family of God, imperfect in everything we do, not at all deserving of the grace of our Father in Heaven. We all have flaws, we’ve all been hurt, bruised, beaten up some how either by events or by people. We need to make a choice as God’s people to either love one another or to live as the world and to secretly carry grudges, justifying them, nursing them every time we see the person, saying we have every right to be mad at them, and that they deserve to be hurt or deserve to fall.
I know this feeling too well because for so long Ive been in the bounds of nursing a grudge towards people, feeling justified, seeing my brothers and sisters as my enemy instead of the enemy who is really after to kill us all.
God revealed to me that it is like the enemy comes before us and brings a brother or sister to us and says, ‘Do you remember what they’ve done to you? You’re so right to be mad! Don’t tell God because He will only make you give it up, and He will only make you justify their wrong doing..’
The enemy is the father of lies, and he himself cannot tell truth. God is truth, so first of all this in itself is a lie. If you were really unjustified in what happened to you God would make sure that something would happen to justify you, whether in this age, or in the next when that person may be judged for all eternity to hell if they don’t know Him as Father.
But getting back to my main point, God showed me that instead of judging my brother and sister, I need to bring them before Him and to pray for them and their weakness because we ALL struggle, we ALL a not worthy of His grace..if I put someone else down for their struggles it’s like I’m saying, aim worthy of God’s grace, but they’re not! That isn’t the plan God has for us to live in. God wants us to live in freedom, the enemy wants us to live in chains. Do you feel free in this area? If you don’t I encourage you to go before your Father and to ask Him to help you deal with it with His help. I wasn’t thrilled knowing I had to go before Him, but even in that you need to submit to Him, for only in that is there freedom!
I think one day if we understood this as a family of God, we’d be able to live together in love, no gossip, and standing together with our Father against the enemy who wants to steal life from anyone and everyone who dares try to live for Him.

It is right for me to feel this way about you all, because I hold you in my heart, for YOU ARE ALL partakers with me of grace, both in my imprisonment and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel.
Phillipians 1:7

– I want to thank my Biblical Theology Professor, Dr Terry Bleek for always pouring all he is into the class. It’s for that reason I was able to get this revelation about this subject.-

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