The Secret Place


The Secret place with God should be our number one priority, but why is it that as human beings we tend to stall, or stay away from that place with the Lord? Speaking of personal experience, I know it is hard to be vulnerable with someone who knows everything about you. Being close to someone is hard, especially even when they love you with all your faults exposed. Meeting with God should never be a trivial pursuit or something that is done once or twice, it should be the constant thing in your relationship every day. This has been such a challenge for me because there is something scary about coming so close to the one who wants to know you inside and out. It is unnatural for us to think that someone can love us so deeply despite of our weaknesses and frailties. It is my hope that as I press on to know Him that He will give me grace to seek Him and to eventually learn to be more comfortable with being before Him. As it says in James if you draw to God with all of your heart, He will come close to you, let this be the cry of my heart as well as those reading this. I am realizing as time goes by that until I allow Him to have complete access to myself and all of my thoughts, dreams, and aspirations, He will never be able to prune what needs to be, and will never be able to heal what needs to be. He alone knows the words to speak, and He alone knows the areas that need to be dealt with. As the Master pruner He alone knows what roots need to be tended to, and which ones need the healing balm of His presence. As I grow more in the LORD hopefully this will become second nature to me as I hope it will become to you. May we all learn this together, brothers and sisters in Christ, until God calls us home!

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