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The Secret Place

The Secret place with God should be our number one priority, but why is it that as human beings we tend to stall, or stay away from that place with the Lord? Speaking of personal experience, I know it is hard to be vulnerable with someone who knows everything about you. Being close to someone … Continue reading

We Are A Family

We Are A Family We are the family of God, imperfect in everything we do, not at all deserving of the grace of our Father in Heaven. We all have flaws, we’ve all been hurt, bruised, beaten up some how either by events or by people. We need to make a choice as God’s people … Continue reading

Forever Loved

Love. As women it is what our craves, it’s what it yearns for. We go everywhere and look to anyone to give us that love; whether it be through a compromising relationship, or through filling ourselves with things that fill that craving, that yearning inside of us; we all do it. But what if I … Continue reading