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Jesus Is MY Strength

Even though the enemy is yelling loud,I will stand in my God firm and proud.He may say that I will loose,but I stand firm on the promises,I choose to look upon His faceI choose to accept His mercy, believe His grace.I want to be encased in His friendship, for protection,I want to be bare before … Continue reading

No Longer Fatherless…

An ache within my heart longing to tare me apart do I dare listen to this ache its certainly more than I can take Should I give in to this sadness should I better understand this maddness or should I give it to the One who gladly shares pain we go through Even though abandoned … Continue reading

To Give Up or Continue…that is the question.

Battles. Tiring, draining, leaving you want to cry.Seething pain inside yourself, wanting to die.Feeling like your broken and unfixable,yet wanting to be healed wanting to be whole.I know the Answer, I know He’s there,to lift pain from my shoulders, to help me with my care.But the defining moment is to trust Himis this what I … Continue reading