Who is God?

I finds self in the midst of my fast and I am completely angry at God. What gives you the right in thinking You can be my Father? What gives You the right thinking You can go into my heart and heal it? What gives You the right thinking that I can trust You and … Continue reading

To Give Up or Continue…that is the question.

Battles. Tiring, draining, leaving you want to cry.Seething pain inside yourself, wanting to die.Feeling like your broken and unfixable,yet wanting to be healed wanting to be whole.I know the Answer, I know He’s there,to lift pain from my shoulders, to help me with my care.But the defining moment is to trust Himis this what I … Continue reading

God and Who We Are

So I’m sitting here writing this realizing that I’m nothing within myself to serve God. Day after day I find out more and more hopeless qualities that I hate; my ability to get angry easily, my ability to hate others, to spend excessive money that I don’t have, etc. I see now a choice I … Continue reading